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Is Career Counseling for You?

Is Career Counseling for you?

 In addition to helping with career and major exploration and elements of the job search campaign, such as CV/resumes and interviewing, CCSS sees many clients that are facing challenges as they seek career clarity.

As you explore your career path, you may experience fear or self-doubt about your ability to achieve your career goals.

  • Anxiety may be clouding your path and keeping you from taking the next steps in pursing the career you want.
  • You may lack confidence in your ability to develop the CV/resume and interview skills needed to land the jobs you are most interested in or worried your skills don’t match your goals
  • You might be faced with the grief, fear and rejection that often accompany letting go of previous career goals.
  • Your multiple interests, abundance of ideas or diverse skill set may make it difficult to organize your thoughts.
  • It can be a struggle as you compare yourself to your peers and navigate external pressures from familial expectations.
  • You may face challenging situations related to diversity, prejudice and/or discrimination.

 If any of the above sounds like something you may be struggling with we can help.

  • We help clients every day as they cope with and process these personal issues related to their career path.
  • We can help you develop and understand your own career story and find valuable ways to express your own identity/life purpose and boost your self-efficacy to find and land the jobs you are looking for.
  • We provide a place for you to be vulnerable as you explore your fears and doubts and learn to respond to failure, the unknown and other challenges in constructive and positive ways.


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