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Job/Internship Search Strategies

To implement an effective job search campaign you will need to be prepared. Getting a job is a process that although time-consuming it can be rewarding.

You will need to evaluate your personal needs, skills, interests and achievements to determine not only what you want to do, but also what you can offer to an employer; second, you will need to research occupational fields and specific job openings that will best suit your personal needs and that of your future employer; third, you will need to learn how to present yourself in writing through a thoughtful resume, cover letter and thank you notes; and finally you will need to learn how to present yourself through a positive interview.

The links on the left are designed to help you in that process.


Personal branding tips and worksheets are available in the downloadable e-book in our resource page. Take time to read through the materials. Leverage the tips in everyday interactions. Use the worksheets to become more aware of the skills that make you different. And importantly, take actions each day that build the personal and professional skills to create your unique personal brand.

NACE Career Readines 
According to NACE Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace. NACE presents a list of relevant competencies employers are looking for.


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