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Career Assessments

Career Counseling and Support Services offers career assessments to assist students with their self and career exploration processes. Students will need to see a career counselor/consultant first to determine if an assessment is needed to be administered and interpret.

Testing fees are for cost recovery, no profit is made by Career Counseling and Support Services. We accept BuckID, money orders or personal checks. Fees can be discussed with your counselor.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS): Assesses interests and skill confidence. Compares your interests and skills with those of other professionals in the field.

The Intelligent Career Card Sort® (ICCS®): Using a multi-dimensional card sort exercise, clients can learn an in-depth investigation of three "ways of knowing" concerned with why, how and through whom they work. Exploring these ways of knowing and the interdependence among them allows clients to make more effective career investments, leading to more satisfying and productive relationships with present or future employers.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  (MBTI Form M): Assesses personality preferences, can be helpful in understanding relationships, and decision-making.

Myers-Briggs Career Report (MBTI Form M): Assesses personality preferences in relation to career selection. Discusses strategies to improve job satisfaction.

Self Directed Search (SDS): Is a self-scored assessment and is used in conjunction with the Occupational Finder or College Major Finder. Provides immediate, quick results.

Strengthsfinder 2.0: Book has access code allowing user to take online assessment. Includes personalized guide for applying strengths and 50 action ideas.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII): Compares your level of interest with those of professionals in 211 career fields.

Strong Interest and Skills Confidence Inventory (SCI): Measures your level of confidence in skills related to six General Occupational Themes. Confidence levels are compared to levels of interests.

Strong Professional Report (SII -PR): Focuses on careers that typically require a four year degree. In-depth description of your management style, contributions to an organization and preferred work environment.


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