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Interviewing Skills

The purpose of an interview is to get the job that you want. Before the interview it is suggested that you research your prospective employer (e.g. products, services, job description, history etc), prepare yourself (e.g. dress appropriately, review your resume, accomplishments, problems areas, gather pertinent materials such as extra copies of your resume, work samples, list of references, prepare questions to ask etc).

During the interview, introduce yourself with confidence in your abilities and convey the message that you can do the job. You may want to shake hands firmly, maintain direct eye contact and good verbal and non-verbal expressions.

After the interview it is recommended to follow up with a thank- you letter and reassure your interest in the position. The following web sites and handouts can help you in your preparation for an interview.

  • Interviewing Information
    Geared towards college students, but includes a wide assortment of tips that are useful for job seekers of any age.
  • Interviewing Questions to Ask
    This website focuses on the questions that candidates can (and do) ask the interviewer.
  • Ready Prep Interview
    The behavioral job interview questions on Ready Prep Interview are based on the qualities and skills required to do the job. The questions are even sorted by how important the qualities and skills are. They list questions for hundreds of positions and are adding new positions regularly.
  • LinkedIn Free Virtual Interview
    Excellent tool that allows you to record your answers and share them with experts who can give you feedback.

Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviews constitute a way of finding out more about a particular company or an occupational field of your interest. The benefit of an informational interview is that you gain more information about different occupations and how they best suit your interest, abilities and values. Its purpose is not to get a job. It is very important that you know what questions to ask and be prepared. The following web sites and handouts are useful guides about how to conduct these types of interviews and thank your interviewer for their time.


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